About Us


About Us

Pickye’s chef and cofounder Bryan started his journey as a self taught chef, cooking from a young age, using food as a way to create art. Later becoming certified. Bryan immigrated to CT by way of Portland Jamaica and spent 4 formative years at a revered and well known Italian restaurant, during which time he worked all stations and got promoted to head chef.

Bryan later left to become chef de cuisine (chef manager) at a well renowned, upscale dinning restaurant, where he further developed his ingredient inspired cuisine in a diverse setting. He was appointed executive chef after 2 years. During his 9 years tenure he earned awards, A++ rating and made TV appearances.

In 2021 Chef Bryan and his cofounder started Pickye hoping to bring a one of a kind culinary sensibility to the catering and event space- celebrating delicious, creative, quality ingredients with comforting service.

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!


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